Sunday, 29 July 2007

That first summer...

That first summer, my then wife really didn’t understood what was going on with me, and got very annoyed about my ‘laziness’, as she put it. Our two kids were still very young, about four and two years respectively, so of course it was a busy time with them. We both also had advanced jobs, which took much time and effort for both of us. I never questioned that I was ill this first period of time, you don’t do that when your body play such tricks with you, and give you such sensations as when you first come down with CFS. You really feel something is wrong throughout your body, if you have strength enough to think at all! The questioning came later, and I would say exclusively because of people surrounding me, constantly questioning my state, saying like: “You don’t look ill, so why don’t you go about your life as usual” and other similar things. You have certainly heard all these comments yourself! Well, anyway, that first year after becoming ill I went through a LOT of tests and investigations at the hospital, I guess since I originally was placed at the cardiology department, but also because my own opinions! I knew something was wrong in my body, and I was constantly nagging and after the doctors, asking questions and demanding answers, even if it would be “I don’t know”. This is of course the most difficult answer a medical doctor can give! Not for the patient, but for him/herself! Now my energy is depleted in my brain, so I will have to continue later....

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TheNanny612 said...

I have Fibromyalagia. I battle with Chronic Fatigue every day and I think out of all of my symptoms this is the worst one to get a grasp on. The things that I love, that use to make me happy, I struggle to do anymore. It's very depressing.

I can relate to this post. Last Summer... July 26th exactly was when I felt like I had the flu. Everything went down hill from there. I spent a week in the hospital the last week in August and left there only to find out that everything must be Psychological. That I was in good shape and young... there is nothing physically wrong with me. I too spent a week on the Cardiac Floor. For the past year I had to defend myself to doctors to get them to understand that from last July on I have been sick... that there is SOMETHING wrong. A couple of months ago I was diagnosed with Fibromyalagia . I finally have a good team of doctors.

Thank you for a wonderful post!!

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