Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Here are some references...

...to the original work I talked about in my previous post. If anyone is interested I can send you a more complete list. Just send me an e-mail and ask for it!


References related to energy metabolism in CFS:

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Anonymous said...

I have CFS, Fibro and Coxsackie B 3 Virus. I have been very ill for over three years. The Fibro much longer. Is there any information you can provide me? I have set up a blog for help I cannot get from the medical industry, or alternative medicine for that matter. Please see

ZenMaster said...

I'm sorry, I don't have much more info about 'what to do'... You know, I have had CFS for more than 25 years, and never really had any medical treatment that had any effect on that. I know that is depressing to hear, but that's how it is. I just hope some researcher at some time will pick up work with modern tecniques available today, and solve this pussle. Unfortunately the doctors I talk about didn't continue their work, and I have seen very few, if anyone else really trying to find the molecular explanations to this disease.


blondie said...

I am reading your blog and I am new at this - are you Robin from the other blogs I have read?

This is dated 2007 - how are you today?

ZenMaster said...

no, I'm not Robin. :)

And I still suffering quite a lot from my CFS, as you can see if you read my latest contributions! Yes, I have had a lot of other things too, but the CFS seems almost to be constant...