Thursday, 31 January 2008

Stopped taking the medication...

This Monday, I stopped taking the medication for the pituitary tumour. It was the fifth attempt! I already feel much better, not so tired and no ache left in my legs anymore.

I also had a new appointment with the neurosurgeon, and he again is prepared to perform the operation instead. But it is a sensitive procedure, especially how my tumour is situated; he is not sure he will reach it the usual way. And since it is the third time he have planned for surgery, I am not sure he will do it until it is done! Backing off a couple of day's before the operation is planned is extremely emotional draining.

So, I just have to wait and see what happens next.


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Brenda Dennison-Youngers said...

Wow, this brings back memories. I had a rare tumor in my pitituary gland as a child that grew to the size of a huge melon. They brought doctors from London to John Hopkins and operated on me. I've always wondered if that's what has caused all my other illnesses. CFS, Fibro, Arthritis, Thyroid and some more. Recently they found a thyroid problem and I'm still wondering if we shouldn't check the pitituary because of my past. I hope your operation goes well. It is a delicate to say the least operation. but I'm alot older probably than you and was one of the first people to have this operation and because of the size of mine, it was several operations. My twin sister had a small tumor and would actually grown 4 inches in height and then shrink when they would give her medication. Eventually her did go away. So I understand your feet and hands growing. I hope all goes well. I also have a blog. Let me know how it goes.