Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Finally a verdict…

… on XMRV and pMLV and CFS/ME.

In an extensive study funded by National Institutes of Health and with many expert groups participating, the conclusion is that the original study by Dr. Mikovits that XMRV or similar viruses is a cause of CFS, is WRONG. No such links can be found.

In a statement from Dr. Mikovits, the author of the Science paper wherein XMRV was first linked to CFS, she said:
"I greatly appreciated the opportunity to fully participate in this unprecedented study. Unprecedented because of the level of collaboration, the integrity of the investigators, and the commitment of the NIH to provide its considerable resources to the CFS community for this important study. Although I am disappointed that we found no association of XMRV/pMLV to CFS, the silver lining is that our 2009 Science report resulted in global awareness of this crippling disease and has sparked new interest in CFS research. I am dedicated to continuing to work with leaders in the field of pathogen discovery in the effort to determine the etiologic agent for CFS."

"Although the once promising XMRV and pMLV hypotheses have been excluded, the consequences of the early reports linking these viruses to disease are that new resources and investigators have been recruited to address the challenge of the CFS/ME", said W. Ian Lipkin, MD, director of the multi-site study and John Snow Professor of Epidemiology in the Mailman School of Public Health of Columbia University.

"We are confident that these investments will yield insights into the causes, prevention and treatment of CFS/ME."

Research on the causes of CFS/ME will continue, says Lipkin.

"We've tested the XMRV/pMLV hypothesis and found it wanting," he says.

But, he says, "we are not abandoning the patients. We are not abandoning the science. The controversy brought a new focus that will drive efforts to understand CFS/ME and lead to improvements in diagnosis, prevention and treatment of this syndrome."

Multi-site blinded study puts to rest the notion that these viruses cause the mysterious ailment
EurekAlert! - Tuesday, 18 September 2012

EurekAlert! - Tuesday, 18 September 2012


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